Hi. I’m John Gorenfeld, a San Francisco¬†writer, author and consulting Web/iOS app programmer. I enjoy Unix command shells, strange new forms of JavaScript and messing around with Objective-C and Swift. My programming experience stretches back to my youth, during which I was obsessed with Commodore Amiga computers and earned extra credit from a kind math teacher after he discovered I had spent his trig lectures writing games on the class’s VAX mainframe about dudes with swords fighting wizards. Here’s a recursive grammar engine I have been working on.

I have also done lots of journalism. My writing has appeared in Salon, the New York Observer, Reason and Wild West. I’ve appeared on NPR, CSPAN’s Book TV, the BBC’s World Service, and the front page of the Washington Post, after breaking one of Washington’s first and most hilarious/disturbing political viral video scandals. Here is a short film I made about it. After that I wrote a book that has been cited in places like The New Republic and in Rick Perlstein’s The Invisible Bridge and called “boring” on Goodreads.

More soon; tech portfolio here.