Hi. I’m John Gorenfeld, a San Francisco writer, author and consulting Web app programmer.

I’m available to make software for you in Ruby on Rails, PHP and Javascript/Coffeescript, and have extensive experience building front-end HTML5 bells and whistles, as well as made-to-order content management systems and secure shopping carts, working with advertising agencies and small businesses. I’ve written a lot of custom WordPress software. I enjoy elegant typography, Javascript frameworks (Backbone.js, etc.), languages that compile into other languages, and messing around with Objective C.

I’m also a media veteran whose byline has appeared in Salon, The New York Observer, Reason and I’ve appeared on NPR, CSPAN’s Book TV, the BBC’s World Service, and the front page of the Washington Post, after breaking one of Washington’s first political viral video scandals.

More soon; portfolio available upon request.